Listening & Watching Music in 3D & VR! Browse, search, listen and watch music to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Enjoy the 3D amazing Visual Music, experience Virtual Reality effect with any VR device (Cardboard, Gear or even Oculus Rift).

Features & Highlights 1. Support your own music on your phone or iCloud.
2. Support explore, search the hottest and treading music on Soundcloud.
3. Support your own create music and Karaoke by mic.
4. Simplest gesture operation
4.1 One finger one touch to Play, Pause, Next, Previous and Music List.
4.2 One finger double click to change scenarios.
4.3 Two fingers touch to switch 3D/VR modes.
5. Support 3 amazing scenarios, Snow Tree, School Fish and Light Ball.
6. Relax your nervous, especially benefit and treatment effect to some mental disease.

Just try it, unlimited, wonderful and shocking Visual Effect!

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